A New Orchid Joins Our Little Family

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It's Monday Already ..

And the weekend went by in a blur. I was sick with some sort of intestinal virus at the start of it, but recovered nicely. We had plans on Saturday, with family, so I am glad my health improved so we could enjoy ourselves. Saturday morning we had a breakfast at the high school that out nephew attends, to support the Cap-N-Dagger (theater) club he is a part of. Later that night, we went out to dinner and took in an Irish comedy show, with my brother, his wife and her parents. We had gone to a real nice local Italian restaurant, then ventured just down the street to the a nearby theater. It was in fact a funny show and fun was had by all.

Sunday Was Upon Me Before I Knew It ..

We made an effort to clean for most of the day, as it was pretty nice out. Our moods were up due to the lovely weather. Besides the cleaning and some laundry getting done, Sunday is also a day we often meet up at my wife's parents house for dinner; anywhere from 8 to 12 people on any given Sunday. We ate, laughed, argued, told stories, wished each other lovely weeks and bid our farewell. Home we went, but there was one last thing to do.. Grocery shopping. This is the precise point at which I made the sole decision to add to our family of two Orchids, bringing the total now to three.

I Was Minding My Own Business ..

And heading to the checkout counter, when the floral section of the supermarket called out my name. I went in that general direction to find out what it wanted (haha), and began looking through the discount plants. There was only one Orchid in the bunch, quite possibly left over from Valentines day. It was originally $16.99USD, but marked down almost half off to $8.99USD.. How could I refuse that?? So I bought it and took it back to it's new home, which just happens to be my home. hehe.

Petite Orchid #3 From Ohio ..

How ironic is it that this is my third Orchid and that's also what the name on the bar code says.. "Orchid #3". It was meant to be. A sign if I ever saw one!!


It's has very petite and pretty colored flowers. It looks like it just started flowering, with many more buds left to bloom. I am looking forward to seeing it filled out with blooms and sharing those photos with you at a later date. Unless I somehow kill it between now and then, but I am thinking the chances are slim.



The stems are nicely staked and held into place with those tiny hair clips. I am sure they are made for the purpose of holding plant stems, but they look like hair clips to me. There are three stakes inserted into the pot to hold up the three bloom stems. I was also very thrilled that the plant had so many stems blooming. It must be a very happy Orchid.


I didn't want to mess with it too much, because it was obviously quite content. I did up pulling off a few dried up roots and dead flower blooms. They were ready to just fall off anyhow. Other than that, I will let it do it's thing. When it is done blooming, I will re-pot it and clean the rest of it up then. It seems to be crammed into the tiny store supplied pot. It could probably use a little breathing room.


At the other end, the top end, there are plenty of these little branched out flower buds developing. Eventually they will also bloom. In the blurry areas of the photo, you can just about make out all of the branching bloom stems. This plant will look incredible if they all bloom at about the same time.


Here you can see the clip holding on like hands grasped around the stem.



The flowers themselves are very pretty and colorful, despite there smaller size. The petals have a red center and venation surrounded by a rich orange yellow color. The 'Column' of the flowers (The fleshy rod like center part of the orchid flower that holds the reproductive parts) is a beautiful pink shade.


Since the other Orchids like the area where they have been for quite some time now, I went ahead and placed this one there too. They sit on a half wall that separates our family room from the breakfast area of our kitchen. This area receives early morning sunshine, and lots of indirect light most of the day. It is also front and center to where we spend most of our awake hours. So this is really the perfect spot for maximum enjoyment (how selfish). Here it sits to the far left hand side, in it's tiny little pot.. how cute!!


It's a nice addition to the family I think. The colors are similar yet different. I would really like to have a white Orchid as well as a yellow one at some point. It doesn't have to be tomorrow, but somewhere down the road when I see them on sale again. :-)


The Tags ..

Just for the heck of it, and in case you really care.. Here are the tags that came off the plant. There is a very limited amount of information given, but they do direct you to a website for additional info in needed.



The website, JustAddIceOrchids.com, was pretty cool I thought. Even thought their cover photo didn't appear to be Orchid plants [?? Unless I am mistaken] They did have 'Bertie' The Plant Care Bot! This neat little bot answers all of those questions that keep you up all night.. You know, the ones about Orchids!


Well I Am Off To Work ..

And this is set to post later today. I hope you day is off to a good start, your afternoon is delightful, or your evening is turning out to be superb. As always, I will keep everyone updated on the progress of this little girl as she develops and grows into our family :-)

Have A Great Morning, Day or Night my fellow Steemians!!




Thank you for swinging by my blog and checking out the post. Have a great day!



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What a beautiful new member of the family you have. I am really amazed by the fact that you can put two cubes of ice and the little plant is good, but it makes sense. Think orchids needs lots of attention, I'm sure you'll take good care of this little flower!
It's a very complete post, nice that you share your good experiences of the day by day! :)
I send the best vibes, glad to meet your work through the PHC!!

Thank you @leveuf! Your comment made me smile :-) They do not need much water. I don't use the ice cube method, but rather a tad of water to wet the bark and moss mix they are planted in.

I send good vibes back to you!

Thanks to you for such pleasant publication, and of course also grateful for the firther explanation!! I have a very bad hand taking care of plants so I always admire the people who have this gift! 🌻
Send you a big hug, have an excellent week!!

Also.. Thank you for the TRDO :-D I appreciate the support!!

A pleasure!! I'm a newbie but I'm liking this nice token!

I'm glad you are fully fit and strong now after a dreadful weekend.

I love the flower. It has attractive and charming colors - yellow, purple and pink. Wish I could smell the odor from here.

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Me too :-)
Orchids don't have much of an odor.. but wish they smelled like roses!

Oh really? I haven't touched them or perceived them before.

Orchids always remind me of elegance. They have such a beauty that makes me smile.

:-) That they do.. you are so right!

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Wow! Thank you for support!Thank you PHC Community!


Beautiful flowering orchid, always adds beauty into a home. Glad you have an area where you see them all the time. Hope your new addition brings years of happy blooms.


You couldn't be more spot on. They do bring the beauty into our home. Thank you and I also hope it blooms for a long time to come :-)

I’m glad you have recovered and able to find such a lovely orchid. 🌸 😊

Thank you! and me too!!

It's such a nice post with all the beautiful photos. :)

Thank you :-) I appreciate your support

Orchids are so beautiful. I'm not sure I understand the ice part though. It seems the ice water would be colder than 65 degrees, but I guess it's a novel way of watering it. Very interesting post, and you have a lovely home!

That's is my thought too! Maybe they deliver more humidity than watering alone. Who knows.. I think I will avoid it for now.

Thank you!!

That is awesome as it also comes with instructions. I quit trying to grow plants as they always die out on me. That is a beauty for your no.3 orchid it was meant to be.

Yes, that was pretty neat. No luck? Oh well, there are always artificial plants.. hehe. I was meant to be for sure :-)

Very pretty! We have 6 orchids that sit on our windowsill in the living room. Wonderful things!

Holy cow! Six??!! I have some buying to do... hehe. Sounds like you enjoy them.

That does seem like a major score! Gorgeous colors, lots of buds, great price. Really great portrait of your dog too.

I am thrilled thus far with it.

Hahaha.. yeah she was generous and let me take a few photos. Thanks for the support!

Beautiful orchids with lovely colors! Nice photo of your cute dog in black and white. Great shot! ;)

Thank you @tangmo! I love the black and whites of my pups.. it hides the dirt! hehe.

You're welcome! ;)

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HOLY COW!!!!!! I knew it was coming but forgot it was today. AWESOME!!!! Hopefully there is a 3 and 4 and more to come :-)

Orchids are among the most incredible flowers. Coincidentally, they are Venezuela's national flower. We have more than 300 varieties of these marvelous creatures. I just love their beautiful "designs", their coloring, their elegance. They are hard to take care of, though and not easy to adapt to every climate. You have some beautiful ones there.

@oneray was also saying this was your national flower.. That is a very cool national flower to have. Thank you, I think they are beautiful, but to have 300 to choose from would be much better :-)

I love orchids! The new addition is very pretty colors. And those do look exactly like the little hair clips I have in my drawer. What a good idea actually.

Haha.. I knew it! I knew they were hair clips.. lol. Thank you and thanks for the support too!

They are beautiful flowers, a variety that is little seen, you reminded me of the movie "the lord of the orchids"

Glad you enjoyed them :-)

Among many things in my life, flowers are my passion. I still don't have orchids where I live, only rose plants. Your photographs reminded me of happy moments in my home country, Venezuela, when in a place where I was invited to lunch to celebrate a contract to build a factory that would produce animal feed, and I could see an orchid. Do you know? It is the national flower of my country.

Oh wow! The national flower.. I did not know this. Thanks for the fun fact!! You have a good memory and I also think it is time you get one :-)

I will do what is necessary, my dear friend

That orchid surely looks beautiful, I currently have one, and although it does flower every year, it does not have as many flowers as yours, and the flowers also do not last very long. I see on your photo, it only needs two ice cubes of water per week, I might give mine to much as I water it twice per week.

Thanks for sharing - I will try the 2 ice cubes for watering!!

Yes, twice per week is probably too much. I know different orchids bloom differently as far as amounts of blooms go and how long they last. I am not to educated on Orchids, but am learning as I go.

Wow, your orchids are really stunning, @bdmillergallery! The pinks and yellows together are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. How long have you been collecting them?

Thank you :-)

I suppose 3 constitutes a collection, so the oldest one I have is about 7 years old. I purchased my next one just a few years ago and then this one. I am sure I'll grab a few more before I quit.

Oh my it is so cute! I like those little ones. And I don't mind they have smaller flowers.

I saw a miniature Orchid there too, but it was not on sale. It was super tiny. I didn't think the flowers on it were as pretty as these anyhow. I like the small size as well :-)

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Oh no, how can this be?
I am on the other side of the world and the doctor told me today that I am starting to recuperate nicely from my stomach bug. Even lost some weight hahaha. Last 4 days have been hell and the power cuts here do not improve matters.

You certainly found a beautiful orchard my friend and it looks great in the table in the room. A real eye catcher.

love love the orchids @bdmillergallery!!! Such a sweet spring surprise when they begin to bloom. I just bought another yesterday :)

I need a plant that likes scotch on the rocks @bdmillergallery 🤣🤣🤣


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So glad you had a speedy recovery and was able to enjoy the rest of your weekend with family. Looks like a lovely addition to the already beautiful plants entrusted in your care. You're like me..can't pass up a good deal.

Thanks for sharing your lovely plant find.

Yey! But petite are beautiful too!!! A very lovely addition to the family! 😍 It's pretty and colorful, it will surely add beauty to your home! 😍