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What do you see here?

I see a spider.
On my bathroom floor.


It didn’t start life a spider though.
It started as just a small splat of water on the floor..

The other night my son, 6, was brushing his teeth before bed.

He made the usual colossal mess.
His brush was left on the sink, water dripped all over the floor, toothpaste covered the sink bowl.

After the tedious and tired end to the day I was urgently ushering him out of the room because it was late. I was ready for bed.

However. He stopped in his tracks whilst looking at the floor.
I asked what he was doing and to please keep on walking to the bedroom.

He ignored me and squatted down over a small dot of water on the tile.

He looked at it.

Really carefully.

For a good few seconds.

I stood to the side of him, admittedly with my eyes rolling to the back of my skull, trying to get him out of the room.

He then grabbed a plastic coat hanger (not sure what that was doing in the bathroom at this point) and he began to start painting lines out from the centre of the dot.


I was confused (and a bit annoyed to be honest that he was ignoring me completely) but I stood and watched a amazingly life like looking spider be drawn from the water.

The legs quickly took shape from the body and a head formed out.
It looked very realistic from where I was stood, and a tad creepy.


I didn’t know what to say really.
It was a such an unusual moment to see someone create something so striking. From nothing.

The boy is a real artist.
(And his vast catalogue of previous creature drawing certainly proves that)

But it was so great to see that happen right before my eyes just because it took his fancy. At a time that took his fancy.

Anyway, we finally got him to bed and the night was peaceful from then on.

I love my creature obsessed artist kids!

Cheers for reading, @ashtv.


Sounds like he is quite the artists. I feel like nowadays with ipads and smart phones and endless streams of entertainment, a good imagination is becoming increasingly rare among kids. Sounds like your sons imagination is still intact though lol. Thats good

How cool! Imagination, untamed :) Great moment and thanks for sharing it :)

You’re absolutely right, imagination untamed! I love that.

So awesome man! I just love how creative kids can be.
We can learn valuable lessons from them.
Cheers Ash

Absolutely dude, they see the world differently. If only I could borrow that vision to see what they see for a day!