Loopbomb the perpetual art machine

in #art9 months ago

Loopbomb is one of the #CantBeEvil winners of Blockstack.org's app registrar.

Loopbomb [beta] is a dynamically evolving artwork, an art mixing engine cycling through visual elements pulled from an ever expanding image bank. It's a game of luck, taste & timing where players can freeze & claim a temporal, unique digital collectible. Images used in Loopbomb are either newly created or sourced & modified. All sourced images adhere to intellectual property & “fair use” legal guidelines relating to Collage art.

Source & More: https://loopbomb.com/

Of course I had to give it a try,


And here's what I chose in the end


Original (Owned by me!):

not eggactly what I wanted.png

Can't wait to use browse through the marketplace for some more crazy creations :)

A spin is super cheap, but there's also a free, watermarked test version, if you want to play around a little bit.

What are your creations? Share in the comments, I'll give you free upvotes!

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