Inktober 2019 - Day 25 - TASTY

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Taste? I couldn't help thinking about Celia Cruz, do you know her? A spectacular salsa singer of Cuban nationality who surprised the world with her voice and since then has left a legacy of flavor that we can taste and enjoy.
Have you ever heard songs like "Life is a carnival" "La negra tiene tumbao", "bemba colorá", "Quimbara" and "Guantanamera"?

In addition to all this he left us a lush expression.


That represents the taste of his music, his people and how Cubans like coffee.

Yes, with SUGAR!

See a bit of how the process went.

Regarding the creative process, if you have seen how my development has been since I started the InkTober on day 7, there is a marked difference in the handling of the ballpoint pen. I have taken examples of an outstanding artist named @betzaelcorvo who specializes in portraits with ballpoint pen.

I found a ballpoint pen old enough to be able to make a decent blur to present this drawing to you.

@andreasalastasty (1).jpg
@andreasalastasty (2).jpg
@andreasalastasty (3).jpg
@andreasalastasty (4).jpg


I wanted to play with the textures once more and I took her head as a playground. She always wore very colorful wigs so I didn't see it inconvenient.

Once finished, I confess that I regretted not having done it in blue ink.

@andreasalastasty (5).jpg

I have taken reference to a picture that I believe belongs to a stamp.

Has it been to your liking? I invite you to continue seeing excellent illustrations for InkTober in the profile of @OCD and @original.content.


And a special greeting to the communities of @discovery-it, @stellae, @c-sqared, @curie, and @helpie for the support provided.

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