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RE: Spider Coccoon

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I've been trying to fathom the implications of what the HF21 will mean ~ So it was good to read Justine's article. Thanks for sharing it Spider. I'm also happy just to wait and actually see what happens.

I'll certainly look at your trail now because I know you have an excellent sense of curation.

I love grid structures and your 12 Astro illustrations look FABULOUS together. They would look great on a calendar or separate prints/cards. Have a look at Momento PRO and then, in particular, their desk calendars. You have to pay the upfront costs though, and then be able to market and sell them yourself. If that's a problem there are any number of online sites ~ I used to use RedBubble but unfortunately they don't do calendars anymore. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


oooooooh cool! i think i'll re-take the photos with higher resolutions and then i will check out Momento Pro :D thank you, ally!