Spiritual Art: Chakra Stones and Expanding the Way We Look at Chakras

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I am very happy to have discovered the "Natural Medicine" tribe as a way to explore further the connections between art, creativity and metaphysics and healing.

When you create what I call "Spiritual Art," it's often challenging to find your niche.

A set of 7 matched Chakra Stones

Chakra Stones

Alchemy Stones have their roots in meditation. Pretty much all the early designs I painted where "non-specific" in the sense that they were intended to be medication objects, in a very general sense.

My wife — being (among other things) an energy healer and Reiki Master Teacher — was instrumental in helping my further explorations of mandala stones as healing objects.

During one of our very earliest outings as vendors at an Arts & Crafts fair, our booth was visited by several massage therapists who were also Reiki practitioners, and they were very interested in knowing whether I could make "Chakra Stones" they could use in working with their clients.

An individual "8th Chrakra" Stone

Various discussions ensued, followed by a lot of experimentation, out of which I started painting designs that were created for meditations focusing both on Chakra Balancing and on healing particular Chakras.

This happened around 2014-15, and since then I have created many individual Chrakra Stones, as well as Chrakra Stone Sets of 7 stones.

Expanding the Concept...

When we talk about the Chrakras, we primarily talk about the seven primary Chakras located in the body: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Now, depending on what you believe and what texts you consult, there may actually be as many as 114 Chakras!

A recent group of "8th Chrakra" stones

In our own explorations, what we've currently been experimenting with is the 8th Chakra, about which there are a number of differing interpretations. So let's keep in mind that we are only talking about our own particular explorations, here!

In consulting with several friends and healers, and drawing on our own experiences, we're talking about what my wife is fond of calling the "God Box" or how we connect to spirit; where the heart/mind/soul meet and connect to the Cosmic.

Schematically, it's represented as being somewhere above the Crown Chakra. From a color perspective, I mix gold with the colors of the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

The first of these stones were completed in 2018, and they have become a regular part of what I create.

In the year ahead, we are hoping to continue exploring!

Thanks for reading!


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They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Doing this painting work is one of my favorite ways to relax!

That's beautiful work you're doing there. Painting them must be a pretty therapeutic and meditative process! Resteeming for a little extra love! - @fenngen

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Thank you! I appreciate the support and the extra exposure!

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Thank you for the support! I really appreciate all efforts to promote art and creativity on the blockchain.