Art & Creativity: Show Season Begins With an Unusual Venue!

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I always try to be open to pretty much any show-and-sell venue that presents itself. Thankfully, Alchemy Stones are pretty small — size-wise — so we don't have to worry too much about having to schlep 8-foot canvases around!

Recently, my wife was invited to being interviewed by Tobe Johnson on Strange Brau Radio. This was to take place as a live event at one of our local haunted historical buildings, a few days before Halloween.

A selection of recently painted mandala stones

We were asked if we wanted to have a vendor table, during the live event, and said "yes" before really thinking the logistics through.

5:00pm to 10:00pm in a fairly dark hotel restaurant converted to studio with a small live audience and vendor tables mixed in, in the background... oh, and not much light. And not much space... a single table, rather than the 10x10 booth space we usually work with.

Our modest display

However, we made it work!

The Strange Brau podcast is basically about the strange and paranormal, and fans of the genre also happen to be among the greatest supporters of Alchemy Stones.

My wife on stage with Tobe Johnson for the interview

Part of what helps make your art a commercial success — or not — is having a thorough understanding of the demographic of your most dedicated supporters.

Our primary reason for thinking it would be good exposure to have a table here came from the success we've enjoyed being vendors at large UFO/Paranormal conferences.

Getting creative with a very small space

In spite of it being dark, and a very cramped space, and only having an audience of about 40 people to work with, it turned out to be pretty worthwhile, with sales of about $220.00 in the few hours we were there.

It also worked out well for my wife, who picked up a number of new clients and leads in the process.

So, it definitely pays to be open to "creative" ways to bring your art and creativity to the public!

Thanks for reading, and till the next time!

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