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The Fall "season" is here which means I am starting to prepare for holiday fairs and festivals. Yes, aside from selling my work online, my wife and I also go to a variety of events.

In general, I have found that my painted stones sell better at "specialty" events than specifically at "arts and crafts" type fairs.


Seems like the "Arts and Crafts crowd" is more interested in what kind of paint I use or where the stones come from than the actual painting work, itself.

Which can get a little depressing, after a while.


That's one of the most complex pieces I have done...

Large stones like that are typically a hard sell... most folks get stuck at "How can you charge $250 for a painted ROCK???"

Well, let's start with the fact that I worked on it for two weeks! Would you work two weeks for $250?

Art is a funny "commodity." A lot of people really appreciate art... until there's a price tag associated with it. Then they suddenly think the artist should be doing it "for the love of creating something."

Not sure what that says about our values...


Although I'd rather be painting the large and really complex designs, most of my time an effort — especially for "Show Season" — goes into smaller $20-25 items people generally don't have to think too much about.

Thanks for reading!

2019.10.04 AS-TXT-021


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Your design is good.
What's the name of the costume?

Thank you!

Very nice work, like an intricate mandala. The larger one really moves the eye.

Thank you! It's a really good meditation to do such detail work.