Polar bear with bird - My newest painting

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Hey guys,

Here is one of my newest illustration for you to check out!

I love polar bears , and lately i have painted quite a few of them.
Anyways, here is the newest one, i made it last night for a new
online shop of mine.
The new store is inactive right now, but soon i will share access to it,
in case you want to surprise yourself or someone you love with
a print from me.

jegesmedve madar gyerekszoba meska.jpg

And in a frame :

macko medve.jpg

Thank You so much for your time and support !

See you guys soon, i am back to drawing!


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So Beautiful; I love the bears sweet eyes.

Hello dear ! Nice to see you again !
and thank YOu !
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It's a very sweet drawing !! all children should have a polar bear friend in their room !! you are very good, good Sunday @agneslaczo

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What a beautiful bear! Sleeps happily and has a very peculiar eyelashes. The bird on one of its legs was a very special detail. A cordial greeting @agneslaczo

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This is litterally soo sweet ^^
Very nice work