My new hairdo :-D

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Hey guys, i just got back from the hairdresser..
finally my hair is light blond again as i like it.
I think i look older than usual on this photo..
Feel free to tell me how old do i look !
I will not be offended.
The photo was taken in my new studio, front of my paintings..

Thanks for checking it out and for your support !

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You look great dear young blonde. Age doesn't matter, ha ha
Greetings friend.

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Csini lettél, rám is rámférne egy kis igazítás! :)
Amúgy a Charlie angyalai film jut eszembe, azok a színésznők még természetesek voltak.

Koszi Zszuzsi, kepzeld pont ezt mondtam a Kantoromnak, hogy a charli angyala lettem !! :-D
Es valoban , semmi smink.. nekem is fura es uj ez a kep rolam..
es koszonom ! ;-)

You look beautiful, that is amazing how such visit of hairstylist can change your mood completely and charge you with energy and happiness :)

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