Love for a girl that has changed me

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Loving someone from the heart is not from the mind
Maybe my post this time devotes all my heart to how I love a woman .. image image
Learning from every mistake in the past, I personally tried to love someone because of my heart, because I wanted to show those who had rejected me because my physique was not perfect, at first I wanted to repay their actions but in the end I realized that revenge would not then better, because of that I tried to fix what had happened in the past. image image image
My introduction to the neighboring village yulia made me motivated to be able to open my heart to him, while still not having a relationship I once thought to play his feelings, and it turned out to be a total failure because I chose faithfully because of his innocent attitude and he has made a big change in my life.
My struggle is proven to be true of genuine love from a village woman who has an ordinary face and lives in simplicity, but her heart is very soft like the dew that falls at night no one knows but we can feel it, because her presence in my heart makes me change from a man the selfish man becomes a humorous man, until now we have started to relate as a couple who we have lived in for two months.