May 10, 21: DIY Water Filter Install, Chores/Organizing, Crypto Dip, TV, and Games

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GD alarm cat got me up at four this morning. 😡🤬 Fell asleep early enough last night to only end up an hour short, though. Kept busy pretty much all day and was significantly more productive than I have been recently, so that’s to try for two good days in a row now!!

Usual morning stuff, not a lot going on...having a panic attack or two about crypto taxes (and I went over for tax Sherpa stories on MSP Waves for a while later on), but I think I’m more or less ok. Was worried particularly about the airdrop funds from last year, but since it was HP (not tradable, so no value) I think it’s alright.

Today’s primary goal was the installation of the new three-stage water filter we got yesterday. There was one installed there when I bought the house, but it was awful then and I just left it alone and ignored it, so that meant that I first had to get the old faucet and filter assembly out...lovely smelling, years old, stagnant water, yum!

Got the new faucet put in; not too bad. Did absolutely everything I could before I did the quick-connect fittings...really don’t trust those.


Got everything put in place and started running the 3 gallons (12 liters!) of water through to prime the system. Of the eight possible joints that could have posed a problem, only one leaked! Of course it was one of the quick-connect ones, but after a bit of swearing and another try at sticking it in the hole, it seems to be good now. 😁👍🔧


Holy shit! That made quite a difference!!! 😲 The water doesn’t smell or taste like anything; exactly like it’s supposed not to! 🤩 To be honest, my first thought was that I so obviously should have done that sooner, like as soon as I bought the place.

Along with the new filter we got the new Sodastream as well, so I rearranged all the appliances on the counter to accommodate it and found a place (finally) in a cupboard below for the blender and juicer...that took some shuffling, but they fit nicely in the end.

That led to a cascade of other stuff...been slacking on getting the garbage out, so took care of all that, did some other organizing and cleaning up, draino’d the bathroom sink that was running slow...just a bunch of little things, but I really didn’t stop for most of the day. 💪

Somewhat randomly, Mom got me a new electric shaver for my gourd...pretty overdue for a cut, so I tried it out. Works pretty well! Not had my head shaved, like proper shaved 🪒 in a long time, usually just do the clippers and call it good. Works on the face too...”skull shaver.”

Get out of the shower, heard about Tom Brady going all pro-BTC on Twitter and then this:



I still have no idea what spurred that on, but man! Serious red dildos everywhere...some folks got REKT! Saw one dude tried to short on the bottom and got liquidated immediately. Ouch! Bounced hard and got ‘em that way too. 😂

Had some leftover pizza for dinner and popped a couple painkillers before bed. Watched some random stuff on TV (kind of in between shows yet again) since we finished Jupiter’s Legacy already. Didn’t make it too long before I was out.

dShitty remains just as shitty as ever... Im a broken record at this point.


I guess I should be thankful that the income was something greater than zero, that some of the scraps trickled down...can I have some more, please, sir?



I did get my Holybread tasks done fairly early this morning. 🥳


I’m continuing to fall, though, and despite trying I can’t seem to regain the top spot...I think, for me, it ultimately comes down to what heroes/items bitshares has equipped. Still, holding top five isn’t bad.



Another day where I didn’t really think about CryptoBrewmaster. I got one ingredient in the morning and that was it. Can’t blame anyone but myself for the pace at the moment.

Did a little better-ish on Splinterlands today. Still got frustrated and quit, though.


Most of my wins were people just forfeiting. I’ll take it, but doesn’t help with the quest.



I did finally get the Neutral quest done and the rewards absolutely suuuuuuuucked:


I got Death splinter for today’s quest, but I immediately switched it up and got Earth. Couldn’t seem to get an Earth win, though.

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