My cute pet cat. He loves to travel 🧳, even has his own little cat passport )) He ...

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... used to travel to Lithuania with me and lived there for about 8 months. Very brave cat friend!


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Ha ha... does it still remember what is LABAS ?

Yes ))

Cool closeup shot. Love the eyes 👀

Yes, me too. Thanks o

Awe! Hes a very handsome Tom Cat! I love this photo of him on the Prowl!!

)) Thanks, he is a really nice cat, not aggressive at all. Actually, his breed is called “Bob cat”. But I know what you mean ))

Thanks for the info. I would like my next cat to be from the Bob Cat Breed, really like that they are nor aggressive!

He doesn't seem very happy in this one.

He is just a very serious cat )) Most of them are this way, I think 🤔

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Hi, @yuriks2000!

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