if you know you see the same, think different and get those perspectives; forget ...

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... what you heard or read, because you know what you saw and if you want to question it. Discoveries is to explore the borders of human thought and manifest by action-@yangyanje


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Or die trying...

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yes that is true ⁦✌️⁩.It all depends on our way to see the things.

Care to elaborate on specific examples this wisdom is helpful for?

Usually I have a natural aptitude to discard repetitive ideas, and embrace new ones. However in relationships I am usually prefering to support common ideals to promote harmony and understanding.

So if discoveries are when you see what everyone else sees but think what no one thought before, your journey begins with a thought. Once that thought is put into pioneering actions others see it. If one believes to know then one could also be humble enough to realize that we never stop learning. To think one is or knows doesn't mean one must stop becoming?

At times many people say what they read or heard, think they know and convey it the same way to others as their own knowledge. They might not have been there when it happened but heard it from a friend or read it in the papers. Many don't have the knowledge that helps them to reason and go with groupthink. Or they'd rather just get conditioned to believe second hand truths. To elaborate, true knowledge is to rather find out what we don't know, right? After all, every word i am writing is a copy from a language which everyone must hold as key to understand and make out what i write. To be ready to abolish everything we believe to be true and find out whats left of our self is not just the transcendence of our own conciousness ....

If the common ideals you support with conformity because those are your morals that seems to be great, right? In an age where everyone has their own choice thats great. You are right. Sometimes its better not to confront the listeners but rather the Sehers? Because if you address it, the commonality might be the dogma where many find too much comfort in to not want to except the truth.

Well by your own reasoning, I shouldn't take your word for it. Haha! I'll have to challenge these words and find out what seems to be true for me. Reality is a tangible mystery.

Yeahh,thats the infinite loop that life or the universes experience might be to evolve. But yes, you are right. Only your creative truth. Dude! Thanks for the awesome comment chat. Lets enjoy unraveling our own mysteries and maybe those of human kind. Actually seeing is less apriorism than hearing because you have the proof in front of you. So yes, don't always believe what you read of hear summarizes the above. You just made my day ! Thanks for stopping by. .

Btw. My next post was with an old quote of mine that is much simpler. Thanks to you im gonna try to crack my stuff down to be more effective. The latest appics post is so dedicated to you for giving me so much great input. Thanks again @creativetruth ! Happy full moon.