PARABLE of the Wind What will you bring yon, lazy wind, to all hearts wan and ...

in appics •  2 months ago 

... bitter?

Will you send warmth or soothing light and change life to the better?

Oh, what can you bring, and can you pool, a sweetness and a

If love pours over hottest coals will all the rest be right?

Hear secrets hid both far and wide, rolling in, on waves they ride.

Rhythmic beat of a restless heart as lazy winds still blow.

Summer warms a winter heart as rains still melt the snow.


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Love that you are freewriting on Appics!

Thank you! It's a good format for freewrites!

Wonderful poem, and I never knew your name was Janelle, just as nice. You should join me in the Wisdom category, I too often share my poetry. I definitely enjoyed your scenic words that match to the nature you have snapped out of time :)