Happy, delated birthday to me and the youngest!

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My daughter surprised us with presents and piled up whipped cream puffs with caramel and chocolate sauce.
It is sticky and good for lots of calories but I ate some.


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This is not difficult to make yourself.
These ones are small but it is also common to eat bigger ones. Covered with chocolate will call them "moorkoppen" and without you see powder sugar on it.

It was tasty and I will share it with @qurator's Tasty Tuesday #105

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Thank you for your upvote! Happy day. 💕

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Sorry... we are it all. Happy Day and thanks for stopping by. 💕

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Happy belated birthday to you and your youngest @wakeupkitty!! The chocolate sauce on the puffs look very yummy!

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Thank you very much. The taste was great and now we are filled with cream and chocolate. I wish you a great day. 💕

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It was. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day. 💕

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Se ven bien. me atrevo a comerlos.

They look good. I dare to eat them.

Son geniales y fáciles de hacer. Puedes comerlos de forma segura. Gracias por comentar Día feliz. 💕

They are great and easy to make. You can eat them safely. Thanks for commenting. Happy day. 💕

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Happy belated birthday to you your youngest. Enjoy your day !

@olivia08 Thank you for your wishes. 😘