Woohoo, the last of the webinars has been delivered. ...

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... It has been large task to set these up and the delivery takes effort each time as the integration is highly specialised. Not an ideal lead in, but the outcome to this point is a accomplishment. The next step is the go-live so past this point, my hands are clear. We will see if I have adequately done my job once the solution gets pushed out through my 15 trainees to thousands more across 29 countries.


Knowledge matters and training plays a vital role in end user experience and therefore, retention. It doesn't matter if it is a job, game or platform, if users feel they understand they are more likely to interact.

One of the problems in the blockchain space for uptake and user retention on Steem for example is complexity. In a world of fast and disposable consumption, the steeper the learning curve to get running, the fewer that'll make it over the hurdles. Time to value (TtV) is an important factor to consider when launching a product.

For example, Facebook has a relatively short TtV for the average user; join, search friends, connect and start sharing. The value of FB is not financial, for those that do look to monetize - the TtV is much, much longer.

Same for investment into an application where it has to be built before it can be sold, devs need to be paid, supply chains nurtured, markets, testing, promotion and then - it is still finger's crossed.

Some applications are able to leverage the learning of the past, like the one I am using now, @appics which models Instagram, and then adds blockchain and tokenizarion layers. This means they aren't starting from scratch with their users. However, blockchain and tokens have a high degree of complexity for many users, as well as the gears of scam and risk that gets associated when money is involved.

Just think back 15 years or so and the reservations most people had about using a credit card online. How many hold that same fear now and how many freely put their credit card number into all kinds of websites as of each of them offers the same level of security?

We have been programmed to spend online, but we are still in the phase where we need the familiarity of Visa, Mastercard and even PayPal comes with some level of distrust. This is rapidly changing though, and it won't be long until the gateways into crypto are numerous and familiar also.

At that point, getting subscription payments in crypto like @threespeak does instead of cash like Netflix can be commonplace. It seems like mass adoption is so far away, but it wasn't that long ago that smart phones were introduced, digital cameras became ubiquitous and people scared to use online payments now do it near daily.

The anticipation of looking forward makes the trip seem longer than it is. When looking back, we wonder at how fast the world changes.

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Change is happening very quickly, I can think back shaking my head saying why on earth would they want Euro for the European countries.

Traveler checks were used for travel exchanging in banks to obtain fiat currency.

Visa, PayPal and Mastercard are now used in every corner of the world that happened over a short period.

Fintech has become "Old fashioned/archaic" in no time at all with even faster transacting on blockchain happening in current times.

Exciting times, big change in many areas over the past decade, moving like a tidal wave Taraz.

Steem needs people to teach, there is much to learn with many wishing to know about crypto, great post @tarazkp

@tipu curate

One of the things I consider an asset of being an early adopter on Steem is the learning made that can be used to enable others. New careers are forming here, most don't recognize the value of it yet. Once upon a time, there was kk such thing as a social media marketer, the blockchain positions are coming.

Those willing to learn, in time will earn by adapting to new technology, many new avenues will open in time.

Yay for the last of the webinars being delivered! Do you get a break for a bit now? :)

A "break". No deliveries next week other than the ones for my own business, but I will be travelling again the week after :D
I don't mind though.

I love the article you putvup on TtV... It is true..bevennto use appics.. we technically need to login using bour steem credentials.. which makes it a longer process.. but technologies evolve and im very sure in the near future the adoption of blockchain or any upcoming tech will be much faster than it was in the future..! Just my opinion.. The time people took to get familiarised with internet in general was way longer than the time people are taking to try new tech like Voice/AI/AR.!

The innovation and uptake for many techs will get faster and faster as technical knowhow of average people increase.