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In my opinion (not financial advice of course), I believe so. It comes down to basic economics... supply and demand!

With only 21 Million Bitcoins ever to exist... and only around 3 millions left over to mine (not accounting that around 4-5 Million Bitcoin has already been lost forever)... you tell me if One Bitcoin can easily reach over 1 Million dollars.

You see, there are around 7 billion people on earth and if this so called "Bitcoin Experiment" does succeed... there isn't that much bitcoin to go around for everyone.

Do you think that One Bitcoin can hit 1 Million dollars 10-20 years from now? If not, why not?

We live in a crazy world and crazy things happen all the time. I do remember people saying the "internet" was just a "phase" in 1995... look at it now.

Here is my prediction, if you own 1 Bitcoin and have a very strong hand to hold onto it for 10-20 years... you might become an instant millionaire.

You will look back and say too yourself... WTF, I remembered that bitcoin was only $10,000... I should, coulda, woulda bought it if knew better.

You know what? Don't be that guy....

Keep on STACKIN!

~ Charles Fuchs

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You look determined... So if any one can - you can! 🤗

I had to take about 10 selfies to get that “determined” pose! 😂😂🤣

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That's what they say, so get as much as you can. Lets hope the world ends up seeing it and we dont kill ourselves before then. Haha

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Mannnn... the crypto markets going to get pretty nuts in a few years 😀

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Agree with that and were right in the middle of it....

So when we drive on the road one day and you see only lambos on the road.. You know that everyone did what you have suggested 😂😂

Probably not lol... by then most people will drive a Tesla and earn crypto by driving 😅😅😅

I love that mindset. Thanks for sharing your positivity with us.

so how many btc u own now Si??😂😂

My man!! 💪🏼📚

Now send me some bitcornssss 😂

I think so if the tech behind it can survive the test of time! I have a bunch of Bitcoins, so i hope so! lol I been holding for years!


Do you mind sending me some of your stash? Jk 🤣

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Totally possible. If only I hadn't swapped all my BTC for (mostly) useless alts back in the day, lol. I think I bought 5 or so BTC originally back in 2016...!

Damn bro, I think that happen to most of us lol... it seems alts have been out performing bitcoin so far in 2020 but still risky lol

Oh man! You're totally on to something for sure😏 i enjoyed the video you shared earlier. Content is king 🤴❤☀️

Those gary vee episodes are great, I learn a lot by watching them. :)

Send me just 1 bitcoin and I will let you know when it happens, lol!

I can send .000001 bitcoin 😂😂😂

Hahaha, ok!! That could be worth a lot of money some day, lol!!!

Your message has one purpose.
Move forward and stack them coins.
As always well said.
Keep on stackin'

Stackdem’ up 💯

There is no shortcut to be a millionaire, either spent money or time. And hard work for all over.

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Finally joined the club! Let’s pray my hands stay strong when the value gets ridiculous!

Totally agree.

BTC is frankly speaking a great asset and has a potential of rising a lot, although I am not sure of its hitting 1m. Cheers!

Fo sho

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