❇️ BITCOIN: The Internet of Money Books are a Must Read!

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Have you read “The Internet of Money” Vol 1 & 2 by Andreas Antonopoulos yet? These two books will change your mindset about "Money" and how it will also change your perception of Bitcoin.

There are so many people that are involved in Bitcoin and Crypto but still have no idea what it "really" is and what it can do.

They just look at the price and want it go to the moon! Fair enough, we all want it go to the moon. LOL

For a few years, people ask me about Bitcoin. Instead me explaining it to them (which can take months to do), I just tell them go buy these two books and get back to me later on. But ya know what?... 99% of them won't but that's understandable, it just means that they were never really interested. Oh Wells.

If you really want to know what "BITCOIN" really is, I highly recommend everyone to read these two books. It will make you want to sell everything you have and buy some Bitcornnnns :)

Keep On STACKIN! 😎😎😎😎😎😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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I really do not know why people find it difficult to read. And the secret to success is all writing with pen inside a book but everyone wants to make money

No idea, it seems people just don’t want to develop themselves these days and was ya time watching others lol

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On my to-be-read list for sure....I still have The Bitcoin Standard sitting on my shelf...Urgh so much to read, such little time!

In a few years, I'm thinking I'll be just all audio books lol

I would love to read these , are they available online!?

Yes i believe theyre both available on kindle 😀

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Yeah, I'm old school... I like the physical books still lol

This was recommended to me by a Steemian when I first came in the chain over two years ago. I got the orange one and read the first few chapters (they're actually his talks ). Still got to finish them as I'm not much if a reader and it was a bit overwhelming for me two years ago, hopefully it will be better now.

An easier way is just find him on youtube and listen to his talks hahaha

Going to need an invitation code for PI

it should be stackin 😀

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Amazing books!!!

Totally agree :)

Awesome thanks 😀

Good call! Would love to watch more of his talks.

I’ll keep it simple, buy btc and just wait 10 years lol

Good call! My kids are getting Steem for xmas 🤣

..ook, if you professionals say it’s a must-read, I ll get them soon..of course I prefer the paper-version too..thank you..


Do I need to learn how to read to start making really good money? Lol

Haha! Maybe just post awesome content on APPICS and we are all set! 😉

Just have lots of it and wait 10 years lol... minimum is 10 bitcoin and become a millionaire a decade from now lol

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Everybody new to Crypto needs to start here.

Most people won’t read it and just buy bitcoin at the all times once again and lose it all haha

But... can i get the books in digital format? :-p

i really do not know why some people cannot see that blockchain based crypto-currencies are the future.

Often the best i can get from a person is, meh, will see what happens.
(even if i offer them 100x returns)

And it is even worse trying to explain to them that their bank accounts are no longer safe. Sigh

Yeah, people usually wait until everyone gets involved, sheeple mentality lol ... people laughed at me in 1995 when I said the Internet was the future lol

Interesting books. Let us know a review about it.

It’s the best book about bitcoin 🤑

Love to ask for a digital version as well....

I think they do but I’m old school and like physical books 😂😂😂

Solid recommendation

Best books on planet Earth.

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