Pre-spring Willow Tree. My favourite tree close to my home, normally full of swinging ...

in appics •  3 months ago 

... branches and trees, now cut short to its most bare and basic shape. Can’t wait to see it start growing again - but just now I noticed some snow fallong, so spring might have to wait a little longer.


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I love it, and I am so happy to coment under your picture and give you my full humble vote. @evecab and I always remember you with a lot of love 💚😇

Willow trees are one of my top favourite tree (maybe #1). I'm a tree lover so that's saying a lot.

Beautiful photo, so innocent; childlike.

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They are amazing trees. With a soft breeze I can stare hours at their branches swinging in the wind... :-)

What a beautiful photograph. The potential of it is just stunning...