Challenge of the day: in which city did I take this picture?

in appics •  5 months ago 


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Its in Germany, Hamburg... the place is called miniaturwunderland

I guess, this is a Temple. It is Gorgeous, I love the Night Picture quality.😍

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Na ist das nicht das schöne Rom?

No.. ;-) have a second look.. ;-)

It really looks like a copy of the Trevi Fountain in Rom :)


you are no the right way.. ;-)
.. but not there yet.. ;-)

Hey @solarwarrior, here is a little bit of BEER from @siphon for you. Enjoy it!

Italien irgendwo. Venedig ?

No ;-)

I'd be cheating if I participated, as I used to live there! ;D

try! ;-)

LOL! Rome! The Trevi Fountain, and in the background to the left is Palazzo Venezia with the pillars and the winged Goddess on top with her four horses! So what do I win?! xD

look again! ;-)

Ha ha!!! You're right! It does look like the Trevi Fountian! The Trevi Fountain is further away and faces Piazza Venezia. This is another fountain that I don't remember! Very clever! ;D I was close though!!! Do I get some reward for identifying the building in the background?! Ha ha ha! Hope you enjoyed your time in Rome! ;-)

the question is still unresolved.. in which city did I take the picture.. it was NOT in Rome.. ;-)

Wow!!! Very, very clever! I had no idea that there was a replica in Las Vegas! What arrogance on my part! xD

no.. also not las vegas! ;-)