Nuremberg railway museum. Model of one of Germanys largest steem engines. Really ...

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... worth a visit for everyone interested in railways, technology and history! Nice for kids, too. Best time: after lunch, bring at least 3h time


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Really nice shot 👌🏾

THX so much

I used to live in Nuremberg (or better Fürth) but never took the opportunity to visit this museum. Looks interesting.

you should visit the city again for two days... much more museums to visit

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Perfect shot!
The photo reminds me of how old I am :)
When I was a child I saw these old engines ride. We lived in a house about 100 meters away from the rails and I remember that my parents always carefully put the glasses into the glass cabinet with a distance of at least 1cm.
They did this because when one of these engines drove by the whole house was shaking a bit and these fragile wine glasses got fractures when trilling against each other...

"Good old times :)"


wow.. that is a cool story... I can literately hear the glasses ringing.. ;-)

Visiting museums is thirsty work - have a !BEER


Hey @solarwarrior, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!