I am having some kind of mixed feelings right now and reasons are complicated. No ...

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... matter how much you try to find an answer and solution, you won't be able to find them easily because of these mixed confusing feelings.

I still remember I used to give Facebook status, posted pictures with quotes but now I write here. 2 years before I had no idea about my present life, I never ever thought that I can write something.

I think some desires, some bondings are unexpected and you can't explain them through words. Sometimes I can't define myself even think " Who am I exactly?? ". It's hard to deal with mind games and brain, just like fighting with your dreams and reality...

I guess this mixed feeling is for a certain period, for a short time. It will be gone soon...




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We need a soul vacation.💚 We're lost but beautifully alive species. Humans. A juxtaposition, contradiction of emotions. The world has a way with people. It can drain us, make us forget who we are, who we want to be or who we will end up to be. Just know that the uncomfortable times bring out more and more of who we are. Like a scratch off. It hurts but in the end, will you win? Lose? Dont know. So we just have to remember to live through the chaos. These will be the good old days we miss. So smile. Even though the pain, the sadness or feeling in between.

I really need a break dear to find myself... I know you understand me properly @prettynicevideo dear...

Remember your worth. And a break is always a period of growth and ideas in order to continue. It's a necessary thing. Dont burn out, take the break.

But most of all remember not to take life seriously. Life is just a thing that likes to get in our way. Just do things on your terms. That's real happiness

It's all a fantastic journey... exploring not only the world around us, but ourselves, too! Sometimes that answer is not obvious, but we still try to continue on our journey, right?

We never stop until our death I think, maybe physically we will be weak but mentally, I guess not @bluefinstudios... Thanks for the awesome feedback...

You are so beautiful

Thank you..

Mostly well come lovely

The more you explore the more questions you will find if you're not learning, you're not living

You are absolutely right..