When the bear's visit lasts way too long, and the HODL'ing (saving) becomes your ...

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... strong daily habit... :)


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Please give me appics app link @onealfa

The simple link will not work for you . You first have to get your google account entered into betta testers list. Other wise you can not download. Contact with Uma or Jopsephine on Telegram

Yes i already entered Google account but not listed me you can check it my Google account ahmanik47@gmail.com

Uma told me all is fixed now for you. And you can download app from here:

O download it but how can i post by this app??

I am trying to post it but not able to post it.why?

Hey Appics users, I need some help from you now, to find out what is going on.

I have uploaded this (above) post from an Android emulator BLUESTACKS-4. By default, it was set to emulate as OnePlus 3T phone. To my big surprise, I can NOT see this post at all on my regular smartphone, nor on my tablet. Yet it can be seen in steemit.com and other UI.
Another strange thing was to see maybe 10 upvotes in the first 5 minutes after upload. Upvotes on "invisible" post?
Please leave a note in the comment section, if (and how?) you can see this post.
Have you ever successfully used any Android emulator with Appics? Which?
There is a bunch of reasons I would like Appics functioning in a desktop PC or/and notebook, at least with Android emulator. Do you have any ideas how this could be solved?