Still sick. But had an appointment to get my car window replaced. instead of sitting ...

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... in a crowded waiting room or dealing with a loaner, I decided to explore the neighborhood and walk over to Mission Bay- one ofSan Diego’s beautiful recreation areas. normally, I would be power walking, today, I am sitting on a bench 😏


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I hope you feel better very soon. It will be good to return to your usual power -walking self. At least the view from your bench is charming.

Thank you so much. And yes, sometimes it is good to sit on a bench. I often forget since there is so much to do 😜

You know, that is so true... so easy to get caught up in all the busyness and miss the little moments.

I hope your feeling better soon and back into the swing of things

Thank you. Me too 😀

$0.15 in upvotes just from steem and APX lol nice . I cant wait to see our SAND upvotes on a SAND app like Appics Appics ch were working on but may not need if we can do it all through . I am proposing the city buy 2 million steem accounts with 2 steem power each like a retirement account for all local residents

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