one of my favorite flowers I have a hard time growing for some reason. It is growing ...

in #appicslast year

... in my driveway among a bunch of weeds (that are mostly edible- but too close to the street pollution). A nice surprise when coming back to San Diego 😀👍


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If you start tagging this with #sdzoo and also hashtag the genius and species we can fulfill my old taxonomy blockchain system. EDNA even has a worbli system for dna tracing on eosio so were so close. So many people have done all that hard work and we get to stand on the shoulders of giants and achieve greatness with convenience. Look at all the major artists if today and the way they make their music of videos on computers that make their craft so much easier and heavenly compared to old style art mediums. Digital art and now crypro and communities will let us thrive. I'm working on using the sandiegocoin hivemind I made and perhaps the hashtag will become that hivemind tag that's always something I can do. I think @eonwarped has some sort of solution to let us slide our stuff right in. I plan on hosting nitrous communities over eos storage or dstor etc