🎂APPICS Passion Rewarded Contest ENTRY: I Baked A Cake To Show My Passion!!🎂 � ...

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... �🎂STEP BY STEP PICS! This awesome Appics Golden Cake was topped with Vanilla Frosting and Sooo delicious just like Appics, Mmmmm!😋
🍁🎂 Baking is one of my favorite Passions living the Country Lifestyle up in the mountains of Beautiful British Columbia Canada! Hope you like my Entry and find time time to enter, there Is fabulous prizes to be won!! Best of luck to everyone and be sure to check out my post links for my other 3 entries I will edit in over on Steemit, THANK YOU!!🥰🎂


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Mmmmm, my passion was definitely rewarded! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Step By Step yummy picks! Good Luck Everyone!


"All Photos Taken and Created By Me In British Columbia Canada @karenmckersie , On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"








image (17).jpg

Mmmmm, Delicious!! I Cut A Piece Just For You, ENJOY! And Enjoy APPICS WE ARE HEADING TO THE MOON!!




Check Out My Entry #1:

tmp_2019112617195577903 (1).jpg





Thanks for all your support!! If you would like to enter, check out this posting by @appics Team or any of the Postings by @sirwinchester , @mrs.steemit , @soldier , And Enter today to win some Fantastic Prizes!!! GO APPICS, ITS GOING TO BE EPIC!!




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Oh Wow!! Thank you so much for the awesome upvote @dblogger ! Its much appreciated and most I have ever maid on this site!!👍💯🚀

Perfection 😇oh I need this now 🤰🏾😝🙂

OMG, this is awesome. Can I have a piece of cake.😜🙏🍰

Awe, thanks for your kind reply its so Yummy, nothing Better then Appics Cake for my new Family!!I saved a piece just for you!

I'm sure you're going to be one of the top participants for this contest.😉

Awe thanks so much! It would be an honor to win something, this is my best ever posting since I started on Appics and best Entry so for!! I really love Appics and the whole supportive family, its been a blast! Cheers to many more years, the best is yet to come!!

Thanks for your entry Karen! I know cooking / baking is your passion so love to see this awesome APX cake! 🍰 🙌

Thank you so much for checking out my entry @agent , its much appreciated and the cake was really delicious!!😍😘🍰

A delicious entry we can eat, please ship me a slice. Fantastic cake Karen!

Excellent passion!

Thank you, I love cake and this Appics Cake was the best, just like APPICS!!🍰😘❤

Awesome! It looks very tasty! 🍰😋

It was delicious, just like Appics!! Thanks so much for your kind reply!👍❤😘

Haha, it was a "Piece of Cake" lol and so moist and delicious!! Thanks so much for your support and kind reply, its much appreciated!!

Awe, thanks so much for your kind reply, yes for sure my friend, I have a special piece just for you!


Thank you!👍😍🚀

Love this Karen! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Awe! Thanks stackin, your support is much appreciated!!