Occasionally when I go for walks, I pass by the neighborhood Goodwill thrift store ...

in appics •  3 months ago 

... specifically to browse the book section. This time around I found this seminal work by Napoleon Hill originally written in 1937. I have seen many references to this book in other works, and have also listened to the Blinkist version.

Cost: $2.99

Who knows, perhaps there's a pearl of wisdom in this book worth a million times that amount.

Looking to feed your mind? Give book shopping at a thrift shop a shot!


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I love these pearls. I had the good fortune to come across a first edition copy of Acres Of Diamonds.

Awesome! Thanks for stopping by.

Back in Holland, we used to haunt tons of thrift stores .. I loved it. Now, here in Budapest, we visited a few but they are nothing like those in Holland and mainly filled with dirty smelly crap. But this post reminded me to ask some locals about where to find a good non-smelly thrift shop :) Enjoy your book full of (hopefully) wisdom :)

That's a shame. The Goodwill store here is very clean and organized!