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... Gracia for a while. Now it is official, the schools will be closed here in Barcelona from tomorrow on. At least for the next 2 weeks I will work from home with the kids around. The crisis is real. #covid-19


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Here too in the Philippines! The lockdown is real ordered by the President and will be lifted after a month waaaahhh! Anyway you still look good eventhough we are already starting to have a slight panic.

lockdown here in spain is just a q of time imo. it will become the same like in italy right now, stay safe you too🤞🏻

This is so scary hope you guys will be safe😪🤗

wish you all the best, stay safe🤞🏻

Stay safe ❤️💕❤️

thank you, stay safe you too🤞🏻

It is everywhere! I never imagined I would ever see something like this. Be careful!

Wow, This is happening more and more since they officially called it a Pandemic yesterday we will get more information today. They may be shutting down Hockey NHL As well now that NBA Basketball Is Shut down, Its really crazy. Nice that you can at least work from home depending on your profession as many cant, Stay safe my friend!!

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Amazing ❤❤

We are tryina stay safe here too. There are some speculations of some cases in Nigeria. But we don't know for sure if it's true or just political lies. By the way your camera is amaaaayzing.. what device is it?

Hope we will survive to the kids ;-)

omg that’s soo sad... I was one week completely off-line and now the world is falling apart 😳 oh dear ... take care 🙌🏾

Just be sure everyone is safe.