MORITZ 7 | I like to try new beers from time to time and for today's it's a Barcelona ...

in #appicslast year

... made Moritz 7.
Little side fact: If you want to taste all different German beers and you would drink every day another one, it would take you 13 years to taste them all. Cheers guys, have a great Saturday.


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have a good one mate, soon you'll drink original beer from Hamburg 👑👌🏼💯


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thank you my friend

Great photo! And wow thats a lot of different German Beers, you guys must really love your Beers Over there lol!

😅 yeah... but most people are attached to only one brand.. however, there are tons of different beers.

Very true!!

ohhh yes Karen, big part of our culture i would say✌🏻have a fantastic monday

Oh, awesome! I have to get used to the idea that I will never be able to taste all German beers.

😂😂😂 If we try 5 per day we can be done in 2.6 years. thats more possible, dont you think?✌🏻

Ahaha so much more portable! If you don't consider that you might drunk every day of your life, ahahah!

Yes of course. Only that I drink less beer in winter so I should increase the dose in the summer or ... to extend life expectancy!

I drink "daura" from barcelona great beer sin gluten! Give it a try.

yes I know this one as my brother in law has a gluten intollerence, littt lack of flavor for me but its great this sin gluten beers exists🤙🏼


prost my dear✌🏻