ANNIVERSARY | 2 years with the STEEM community. 2 amazing years with lot's of ups ...

in #appicslast year

... and downs but always positive and with lot's of great paople around me. There is no better community then here on the STEEM-blockchain🙏🏼Thank you all for your support.


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Nice 😍😘


Congrarulation! 😀💫🎉🎊

thank you👊🏼sorry for the late reply✌🏻have a good one

Don't worry, continue to reap success!

Congratulations 😁 I also used Steemit a while back, but I only found APPICS just recently 😂 if only I found out about APPICS a bit earlier

Congrats. And You work hard everyday to get where You are and You deserve :)

Congratulations 🎉

Uhhh congratulations my friend !!! Lets celebrate 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Hey @hauptmann, in return to a support I've experienced from you, I have upvoted this post with my voting power, individually calculated here for your account.

Happy Anniversary

Congratulations :) Glad you are here and we became friends over the time and now we organize this crazy event together lol Heavy shit!

Wow thats awesome, congratulations my friend, lets hope there is many more years to come! You are looking very handsome today my friend!

Happy steemversary!

Its my second year as well this month! Happy 2nd anniversary buddy!

Don't worry, continue to reap success!