T-SHIRT TIME | 20° and sun today calls for my favorite t-shirt🤙🏼 Have a great ...

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... Saturday


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Nice Shirt buddy 😎 👍

👊🏼thanks bro🤙🏼

Your Welcome 😉

you are coming to the dtube Forum in Hamburg? 15.-17.5.2020?

I want it , I look after it no promises. 😉

surprise, surprise,

Normally the dtube Forum Thshirt should be your favourite. At least until June

True that!

20 degree?? So jealous!! 😄

war auch nur mit nem kühlen Bier im Park auszuhalten😂😎

Have Fun bro...

👊🏼thanks bro, you too🤙🏼

The shirt seems to fit on your body which defines the shape of your body.

well, believe me, I'm holding my breath for the moment of taking the photo😂😂

Bei uns scheint zwar auch die Sonne..aber ich muss den APPICS Hoodie wählen, denn so warm ist es hier leider nicht...

auch keine schlechte wahl👌🏻bald kommt auch bei euch tshirt wetter🤙🏼

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thank you onealfa🙏🏼

Uuaah! Cool! Shake photo👍😀

🤙🏼thanks bro

Wow your looking so gorgeous 😆😍😍😍

👊🏼cheers buddy

have a beautiful weekend

thank you, you too Tony🤙🏼

Every APPICS Shirts looks great on you man😌👌. Stay tuned for my t-shirt time😅

🤙🏼ohhhh yeah, looking forward to your t-shirt time💪🏻

Dashing look with APPICS t-shirt bro 😍 APPICS is on 🚀🌛

👊🏼thanks bro, yeah let this🚀lift off👍🏻

Looking So Handsome in My Favorite Appics T Shirt as well my friend!! Way to represent, Go Go Appics!

thank you Karen🤙🏼

8 degrees C, rain and a stormy wind. Why do we live in Germany? 😂

things change quickly, hope my todays post helps a bit😂😂😂have a great day

We live in Germany to have a shorte travel to the @dtube.forum in May ;) You are goign to join us?

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