Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have had or will have as lovely a day as we did. ...

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... This is where we had Christmas lunch. Most unusual to be hot and enjoying the sun. Didn't need to put our coats on until the sun went down.

The beautiful surroundings made up for not being with the family.

Off to bed now.


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Beautiful place to have a good lunch!

Have a wonderful time.

We did. Thank you @kaminchan and the sun is shining again today. 😁

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Ahhh glad you are still here and enjoying fun in the sun

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Hi @whatamidoing. Not sure I'm still here really 😂 but definitely enjoying fun in the sun. Hope all is well with you. 😍

Merry Christmas too! The best way to enjoy this special day is to be with your special someone even in a simple celebration. A lot of solemn moments together where you can reminisce the best and memorable days you had with each other. Dropping by to greet you. :)

Merry Christmas @fycee. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you had fun! 😊

Hey, @gillianpearce.

Took off somewhere just the two of you for Christmas, did you? :)


Well, my daughter was going to her husband's family and my son was working and John has an obligatory 2 weeks off at Christmas which doesn't leave alot of time for a holiday in the summer so we decided to head to Malta last minute.

We normally stay on Gozo but this time we thought we'd give themain island a go. My mum will be joining us for a few days so we'll take her out and about a bit.

Just off for a walk across the cliff tops in another glorious day.

Hope you're having fun! 😍

This is a very nice erotic photo of you both and the surroundings here are really enchanting. Merry Christmas to you two :)

Thanks @suntree. It was a lovely day and we're just off again for a walk and picnic along the cliff tops. We need to make the most of it while the weather is so good. Hope you and yours are happy and well. 😊

Hi Gillian. Happy holidays to you. Xo

Thanks @sunscape. Hope you and yours are happy and well. 😍

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