The Top Dog of the Coolest Kitchen on the blockchain is here, reminding you to vote. ...

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... Yes, vote!! Click on this here link >> << and with the technological advancements in internet technology, it will magically take you to the Food Flingin’ Fanatics of Round 80. Then you choose you People’s champion by voting like this... #01 or #09 or #17 see how that works?? With 5,000 foodies tokens for 1st Place, 2,000 for 2nd and 1,000 for 3rd.... it’s like an all you can eat Foodie Buffet!!! Now I gotta go find my homie broccoli since you food loving fanatics scared him half to death. This is @foodfightfriday checkin’ out... See Ya!!


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I played this video and now it’s on a perpetual loop every time I use the app. I can’t switch it off, no matter how hard I try. Playing another video just plays both of them at the same time. Hilarious video though.


Its too early for me to laugh this hard 😂😂. Omg Awesome lmao

This was hilarious!!!🤪🤪🤪

Hahahahaha… what’s wrong with you? 🤣😅🤣😂🤣😂

Laugh out loud...too funny🤣😂😄

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