Robin Williams And The Golden Gate Shift Into The 267° The day when the galactic ...

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... center shifts into a new degree is fascinating marker point for magic. It takes about 72 years for the sky to move 1°, because of the precession of the equinoxes. The 266° on the ecliptic, the mysterious "sin" degree, according to Strong's Concordance of the bible, progressed into the 267° on December 11, 2010.

Robin Williams had the Golden Gate symbolism all over his entire career. Fittingly, his supposed suicide came exactly 44 months after the 267° shift. 44 is the infamous "kill" number in English ordinal gematria. It can be found over and over again at celebrity deaths. Personally, I suspect this is intentionally placed, rather than some organic synchro mysticism from the universe. If so, the timing of this is remarkable, considering all the other puzzle pieces from my previous work and so much more.

Further interesting gematria correlations are with the Full Reduction cipher, where "August Eleven" equals 44, the mysterious day of Robin Williams death. Also "Gate of God" equals in the same cipher 44 as well, which is another title for the Golden Gate.

It gets even crazier: If we translate "Robin Williams" into Hebrew, we get 44 in Hebrew gematria for his name.

And from the first entry of the "blood moon prophecy" Wikipedia page to Robin Williams death are 4 months and 4 days.

Oh and let's not forget that the Golden Gate Bridge towers weight are 44,000 tons each! And at the same time, "bridge" in Hebrew gematria equals 44. And remember how Robin Williams died 77 months and 77 days after the symbolic Golden Gate bridge opened.

And finally, we also get "Phoenix" in Hebrew gematria for the number 44, which has been a major symbol in my studies on this channel.

I have found many more important events pointing to the 266° day in 1939 and the 267° day in 2010 with perfect weeks and months and symbolic numbers. This stuff really makes one question the nature of our reality.


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Some wild insight bro. Thanks for making my brain hurt lol. Jk! But do you have anything on the Mandela effect?