The Mysterious 616 Full Moon Of Robin Williams. It was in the year 2002, on October ...

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... 21st, when the full moon foreshadowed the death of actor Robin Williams. This is part of the deeper mystery around the sad clowns passing. Let's dive in.

Robin Williams turned exactly 615 months old, when on 10/21/2002 a full moon occurred, during the 987th Brown Lunation phase. The first Brown lunation was counted with the first new moon in 1923 (remember the 923 Golden Gate symbolism from my previous work?). What is so fascinating about the 987 is the gematria value of "Stand-up Comedy" in the mystical cipher, that applies the gematria rules from Hebrew to the English alphabet. At the same time, 615 in the Satanic gematria cipher equals "Stand-up Comedy" as well. This means, that the revolution of stand-up comedy out of San Francisco, Robin Williams, had a double symbolism with his profession on that day.

At the same time, that day started his 616th month on this earth. And 616 is one of the most nefarious numbers out there. It equals "Ritual Sacrifice" in the mystic cipher. This is all topped with the remaining time of his life - which was exactly 616 weeks. He supposedly committed suicide on August 11, 2014.

Let's recap this: Robin Williams had a full moon on the day that marked a 616 midpoint in his life, born 615 months earlier (entering his 616th month) and died 616 weeks later - both on the day. At the same time, his profession "stand-up comedy" was both reflected in the Brown Lunation phase of that full moon as well as the 615 months of his age on that day.

I don't know what you think about that but I certainly think A LOT about that. To me, it smells like a perfectly calculated ritual. Whether Robin Williams knew about this or not, we probably never know. But it was remarkably significant.

Some claim that 616 is the true 666 number from the bible. I haven't found evidence of that. What I can say for sure, is that the gematria value of REVELATION 9:11, the golden ratio cut of the bible (see my previous work), equals 616 in the Full Reduction gematria cipher. WoW!

We also get 616 in the same mystical cipher for "J.F.K.". And even crazier: From the JFK assassination, which was a masterful alchemical work with numbers, stars and symbolism, to Robin Williams 616 full moon were exactly 467 months - equaling "Alchemy" in the mystical cipher.

Tupac Shakur was born on 6/16 and you probably remember what happened to him.

And let us not forget Family Guy, episode 187 (the kill code), where Peter Griffin gets the Midas touch (gold symbolism), turning everything he touches into Robin Williams. This episode aired as a rerun on BBC during the same hour Robin Williams supposedly killed himself. From Robin Williams 616 full moon to THAT episode original airing on 5/20/2012 were exactly 500 weeks. And 500 is the number of the Phoenix, who lives for 500 years and has been another focus of my channel, next to the Golden Gate.

I would like to point out that we always speak about perfect weeks and months, not broken by single day off.


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Robin Williams often took on many challenging, dark, comedic acting roles. Some of the stories took on such a dark turn for the characters he portrayed, it embraced the psychotic twistedness Hollywood producers most loved to see embraced in their art.

Have you shared any theories on why you think Robin Williams may have been a target in the crosshairs because of the type of life he lived? Or do you see this as a numerically programmed force of dark nature that could not have been avoided since the day he was born?

Great question. I honestly don't know and making theories about that is a tricky path to walk. There is so much more about Robin Williams I haven't shared yet. There were many events around him, that feel very planned and not organic whatsoever. At the same time, he has SO MANY perfect numbers and star formations, I wonder how it would be possible to plan something like that in the first place. Also, I don't know what happened to him. Did he really kill himself because he was mentally ill? Was he suicided? Is he still alive and was initiated into something we don't know about? Did he kill himself BECAUSE he understood the greater symbolism of something he was initiated into?

Maybe you can look into numbers relating to his most well-known movies. Either their names or when they were released.

Popeye, Hook, Ms. Doubtfire, The Fisher King, The Birdcage, Jumanji, Aladdin, and of course many more.

Many of his movie titles themselves seem to relate to something of a dark occult sacrificial nature.

I'm not to familiar with the nature of his death. One of the strangest phenomenons was his role in World's Greatest Dad, in which he played the father of a son who died of a humiliating "autoerotic asphyxiation" while viewing pornography alone in his room at night. The entire plot was based around the father lying about the nature of his son's death by writing a poetic suicide note that went viral, and telling people made-up stories that he thought would be easier for people to stomach than the truth. It was said that Robin wanted to make this film because he developed a deep emotional attachment for people who suffered from this specific type of suicide/accident.

I have already analyzed every single movie he ever did, including co-stars, directors, release dates and cross-checked them with the opening of the Golden gate bridge, the day when the Golden Gate entered 266°, 72 years later when the Golden Gate entered 267°, the Golden Gate tetrad midpoint, the September Eleven attacks and a couple of other events. I have also checked his advertisements, his video clips (Don't Worry, Be Happy). Besides the obvious symbolism, there are many magic numbers and Golden Gate numbers among them. I hope to post more about it bit by bit.

Robin Williams died very similar like the boy in "World's Greatest Dad", with t a belt around his neck hanging from a door knob. No autoerotic stuff was reported though.

Stay tuned for more!

For all non-Appics readers, here is a large version of the info graphic:

Ohh wow! This is very deep and I'm very interested to know more about 616 now...

Another in depth rendering of the numeric reality of these people. Robin was a good dude. Sad and true.