Was Robin Williams A Golden Gate Sacrifice? The revolution of stand-up comedy came ...

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... out of San Francisco and brought joy and laughter into the hearts around the world like no one else before him: Robin Williams managed to transform our minds for 35 years but it was his death on August 11, 2014, that had the greatest impact on the public consciousness. His supposed suicide was probably the most mysterious death we have ever encountered as a hive mind and there are more inconsistencies coming with it than we can count.

As usual, my research is all about numbers, stars and symbolism, a topic most others laugh about, belittle or simply ignore. However, it was Robin Williams life that syncs more with astrotheology on all levels than anything else I have ever encountered in my studies. It seems to me, that he was selected as a golden child for the most symbolic sacrifice of all times, long before he passed away. I even think that the plans for his death were already finished when Magic Town aka Hollywood selected him for the role in "Mork & Mindy", which made him famous at the late '70's, early '80's.

I could speak for hours just about Robin Williams. He has become somewhat of a focus of my research, full of mystery at any corner. There is so much magic about him, that it will take many info graphics to go through the most important facts. I am not sure if I will go that deep with you guys or if I will merely scratch the surface.

Today, we begin with the most obvious number magic of the late sad clown: Robin Williams died 77 years and 77 days after the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is particularly interesting, since he lived in San Francisco, the city of the bridge, that symbolizes the gate of Osiris.

He even got the Waldo Grade aka Rainbow Tunnel just north of the the bridge renamed into Robin Williams Tunnel. Fascinatingly, the first Wikipedia entry of the Waldo Grade happened exactly 7 years and 7 months before Robin Williams death, syncing with the magic numbers of the Golden Gate Bridge pointing to his death. That is also exactly 91 months - the number of the "Phoenix" in gematria, syncing with the Phoenix symbolism of Leonardo Da Vinci's 500 years death, which started last year on his death day. The sign of the renamed tunnel went up exactly 567 days after his death, syncing with the powerful Leonardo Da Vinci age, that started with the Notre Dame fire last year and that I have highlighted in my info graphics before.

Robin Williams death was also 11 years and 11 days before his next birthday, for the magical 11:11 numbers. And all of that is merely the tip of the iceberg.


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