Kevin Spacey - Hollywood's Golden Gate Child. Everything that happens in Hollywood ...

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... is as magical as the material it is named after: the Holle, or Holly-Wood, out of which magic wands are being created. Actor Kevin Spacey is demonstrating this in near perfection.

Not only did he play the notoriously evil US president Frank Underwood in Netflix' "House of Cards", which Bill Clinton claimed to be 99% true, but he is also the creator of the lovely Christmas message "Kill them with Kindness" on YouTube. Indeed, his opponents are dropping like flies and he basically has become a meme for more than obvious sacrifice rituals. You don't have to decode occult rituals like I do - just read the comments under his aforementioned video to get the public view about him.

But why is he so important? It all becomes very obvious, when you find the Golden Gate connection, after which many successful actors in Magic Town aka Hollywood are selected. Kevin Spacey was born on 7/26/1959, exactly 266 months after the Golden Gate Bridge was opened on 5/27/1937. Ironically, his birthday can also be read 26/7 - the current position of the Golden Gate, after it progressed into the next degree in 2010.

But 266 stays relevant, as we have now Pope Francis being the 266th pope, with all the Golden Gate rituals that came with him (see previous posts). According to Strong's Concordance, analyzing the bible for word frequencies, the number 266 is associated with the word "sin" - inversing everything that is good and holy. THAT is the real reason, why 266 is so important, in my opinion.

Like always, we can find so much more coding around Kevin Spacey but in the end it all boils down to his birth connection to the Golden Gate, making him a Hollywood Golden Child. He is by far not the only one but a very obvious one he is - if you know what to look for.


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Oh man wow. Yea intense insane reality of the red pill..