Asterix And The Chariot Race - Coronavirus And 911 Connection. The French Comic ...

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... series released a rather recent episode called "Asterix and the Chariot Race" on 10/19/2017. Within this comic, we have a masked chariot rider, called "Coronavirus". The masked rider is later replaced by Julius Caesar, the emperor of Rome. He, who wears a laurel wreath on his head.

A "wreath" is a synonym for "corona", according to Wikipedia.

The release date 10/19 features 119 (or 911). As I have shown in my previous posts, the Coronavirus pandemic is heavily coded to the 911 symbolism and the September Eleven attacks.

This is cemented even more by the fact, that the four blood moon tetrad midpoint - the important astrotheology event connected to Osiris' Golden Gate and center of the galaxy (see my older posts) - was exactly 1019 days before the release of the comic. Let me stretch this again: From the tetrad midpoint, where NASA reported a megaflare at the Golden Gate, to the comic's release on 10/19 (2017) are 1019 days.

And finally, let us not forget the logo of the World Health Organization (who declared the pandemic a few days ago), which features a "wreath" aka "corona" in its logo!


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Joaquin Phoenix played Julius Caesar in the movie Gladiator.

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