The Clade X Pandemic Exercise Was 666 Days Before The Coronavirus Pandemic. At ...

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... this point, everything we see from all directions regarding the Coronavirus, seems to be part of a grand puzzle. But this is not so surprising, if we take the grand scale of astrotheology magic I have been discovering on this channel into consideration. After all, we are still in the great 567 Phoenix year of Leonardo Da Vinci, which has been a hot topic on my channel. And we have also already seen the Simpsons programming taking place with the virus, shown in my two previous posts.

Now, there is much more to the story: The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security has organized two pandemic events, which are oddly connected to the Coronavirus. The first was Called "Clade X - A Pandemic Exercise". The one day-long simulation of national security and epidemic response took place on 5/15/2018 and was livestreamed to Facebook.

A second event, called "Event 201", was organized in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. It took place on 10/18/2019 - 44 days before the fist Coronavirus case was reported on 12/1/2019. I have already highlighted the number 44 before as the "kill" number in English ordinal gematria.

From Bill and Melinda Gates wedding to the first Coronavirus case was exactly 311 months.

On 3/11/2020, or 311, the World Health Organization called the Coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. This was a span of 3 months and 11 days, or 311, after the first Coronavirus case was reported. And it was exactly 666 days after the Clade X pandemic exercise.

I have much more but I let it at that for now.


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damm interesting .... i need to show your account to my husband @ verbal-d ... he opened up my eyes about this ... crazy

My next post will be even crazier and perfectly connects 9/11 and the pandemic announcement.

looking forward to it... thanks for your hard work.... it’s dangerous but necessary we need to wake up before they wake us up...

👌🏾do you 2 accounts ?


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Wikipedia-Link: Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

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