The Simpsons And Their 911 Coronavirus Programming. The yellow family is known for ...

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... their predictive programming in regards to so many things, that even coincidence theorists become weary. The latest discoveries from various people are about the virus codings in two Simpsons episodes. Let's have a closer look.

In episode 470 (Season 22, episode 6), titled "The Fool Monty", a sinister group of corporate mass media moguls meet in secret to plan an epidemic where nobody is immune. They specifically mention that it cannot be a made-up disease but must be real deadly virus released into the general public. Yes, they said that! From the original airing of that episode to the first reported Coronavirus case are exactly 9 years and 11 days. The golden ratio code of the book of Revelation, as I have shown in another posts.

Let that sink in for a moment and remember the Phoenix (Twin) Towers that are planned in Wuhan China, which were announced exactly 666 weeks after 9/11.

In The Simpsons episode 505 (season 23, episode 19), titled "A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again", we have a hoax virus pandemic from Bart on a cruise ship from "Royale Cruises". This fits perfectly the several outbreaks of Coronaviruses on various cruise ships recently, among them the severest case on board the "Diamond Princess". From the original airing of the episode to the first Coronavirus case are 91 months and 2 days. When we regard the time zone difference between China and the evening airing in the US TV, we get 91 months and 1 day. Yet another 911.

To make the case of the cruise ship episode even stronger: From the first lay down of the Diamond Princess ship, on 3/2/2002 (322, Skull and Bones) to the original airing of The Simpsons episode 505 with the cruise ship virus, are 3711 days. Well, onboard the Diamond Princess, when it was quarantined, were exactly 3711 passengers. No kidding, this is all public Wikipedia data.


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As you noted, The Simpsons seems to have many things predicted in their shows. They been running for a very long time and some "predictions" coming true shouldn't be a surprise but it seems as if the Simpsons does this sort of thing a little too often to not take notice of it.

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Exactly, this show seems to have hidden agenda. I have many more clues like that.

Wow this is crazy I had to rewatch that episode! Thanks for sharing that

More and more is coming to the surface!

I wrote you this comment under your post and here again:

Man, that's crazy with Asterix and Obelix. I had all their old comics. This is one of the newer ones. It came out 773 days before the Corona virus broke out. That is the 137th prime number which again is the 33rd prime number. A double 33 prime relationship - the Master Number 33 is one of the most significant numbers in occultism. I have seen many videos on YouTube about the 33 and the Coronavirus.

Apparently, the new strain can't be killed by conventional disinfectants...


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