The Phoenix Towers In Wuhan, China - 666 Weeks After 9/11 Announced In what world ...

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... do we live? Everything seems to be coded around ritualistic symbolism. I have been reporting a lot about the Phoenix and Leonardo Da Vinci's 500th year since his death, which started last year on 5/2/2019. That is the life span of the phoenix, according to mythology. Please go back and study my work, to see all the fascinating phoenix connections.

Maybe the most stunning phoenix comes out of Wuhan, China. Yes, THAT Wuhan, where the coronavirus Covid-19 broke out. On 6/16/2014, the Phoenix Towers were announced, which would be the second tallest structure in the world when completed. They are twin towers, one called Feng and the other Huang, symbolizing the male and female dualistic aspects of Chinese culture. The Fenghuang is the Chinese phoenix.

The announcement day was 6/16. This is the nefarious number which means "Ritual Sacrifice" in the mystical gematria cipher, that uses the rules from Hebrew for the Latin alphabet. I have been reporting about this number in regards to Robin Williams before and how significantly it has been weaved around the sad clowns life.

Well, these new Chinese twin towers are apparently connected to the September Eleven attacks and the original Twin Towers in New York: From the attacks to the Phoenix Towers announcement was exactly 666 weeks. You cannot make this up...

Or how about the 204 days from the four tetrad blood moon midpoint, which I have been highlighted so much, to the Phoenix Towers announcement? That equals "disease" in the mystical gematria cipher.


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