Eminem's "Darkness" And The Las Vegas Shooting - Anti-Gun Laws And 911 Codes. On ...

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... Marshall Mathers 567th months birthday (connecting to the current Leonardo Da Vinci 567 year), he released his new album "Music To Be Murdered By", with the single release "Darkness", preceding the album by one day. In that song, Eminem shows the day of the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting, from the shooters perspective. At the end of the video, he stands in front of many televisions, showing various attacks and shootings all around the states. Finally, he proposes new anti-gun laws in the USA.

Let's begin with Eminem's 119 code. In the most mystical gmetria cipher, where the rules from Hebrew are applied to the Latin alphabet, "Eminem" equals 119. And Leonardo Da Vinci as well as ritual magician Aleister Crowley taught the mirroring and inversion of things, so 119 is the same as 911. There are even fascinating reverse gematria ciphers, that lead to profound findings by themselves. In the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" by Stanley Kubrick, partly filmed in Mentmore Towers, which was build by the Rothschild family, we learn about ritual sex magic with a reverse incantation.

As I have pointed out before, Revelation 9:11 is the golden ratio cut of the book of revelation. https://steempeak.com/appics/@flauwy.apx/appics-v1-appics-im-86266

The song "Darkness" was released on 1/16/2020, which is 116. This is an upside-down mirror of 119. As mentioned before, it features the theme of the Las Vegas Shooting, which happened 119 weeks and 4 days before the release of the song. Even though it is not a straight week, it is still really fascinating how well it syncs, when we consider all the other connections I pointed out in my last posts, like the 567 month Eminem had as well as the 277 days after Leonardo's 567th birthday, which is the 59th prime number, which equals "Eminem" in English ordinal gematria.

But this is getting even creepier, when we look at the time span between Stephen Paddock's birth, the Las Vegas shooter, and Eminem's birth. They are just one day shy of 1019 weeks, giving us yet another 119 connection.

Has the Las Vegas Shooter and Eminem a mutual coding, which is intentional to weave a spell upon us? A quick at other shootings reveals astonishing clues, like the Virginia Beach Shooting in 2019, which was exactly a span of 33 weeks to the "Darkness" release - the master number and signature of the freemasons. Or the Ides of March Shooting in New Zealand last year (after which the gun laws where changed in that country), which was exactly 44 weeks before the song - the "kill" number in English ordinal gematria. I could go on like this...


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Yea and the Las Vegas shooting was a false flag. There was so much evidence of multiple shooters eye witnesses accounts that have since been suppressed. I talked to someone who was there and completely agrees.

HD version:

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