Eminem's 11th Studio Album - Music To Be Murdered By. Good 'ol Marshal Mathers. ...

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... He used to be my favorite musician, even role model. Yikes. Teenage blindness. I have found out so much about him, just by looking at his numbers. This guy is similarly powerful coded as Robin Williams was. Today we just look at his recent album release.

'Music to be murdered by', with the single release 'Darkness' - Nice symbolism, Double M! This is Eminem's eleventh studio album. Yes, his very own Master Number 11. This alone makes everything around this surprising album release super special. But there is more.

He dropped the single 'Darkness' on 1/16/2020 and the related album one day later - on the day Eminem turned exactly 567 months old! Readers of my blog will know this number by now: it is the 567th Leonardo Da Vinci year right now, which began with the Notre Dame fire on 4/15/2019 last year. This number has been super coded in the largest Osiris penis in the world, the San Jacinto monument, which is 567ft tall. It points directly through its reflective pool (of Isis) to the center of the Trinity Site, where the first atomic bomb was tested. This is combined with Leonardo turning 500 years dead last year as well, which is the age of a Phoenix.

Of course, there were many more 567s, like Barrack Obama being exactly 567 months old on his first election as US president. 567 is the value of last years movie "Dark Phoenix" in the mystical gematria cipher, where the rules from Hebrew gematria are applied on the Latin alphabet. From Robin Williams death to his "Robin Williams Tunnel" sign was 567 days. From Israel founding to the death of JFK was 5670 days. 567 is also the value of Revelation 8:11, a super coded number (Eminem born with 118 day numerology), where the wormwood star falls to earth (or an atomic bomb).

This is coded perfectly in the time distance from Leonardo's 567th birthday to Eminem's album release, which was 277 days later. Well, 277 is the 59th prime number and "Eminem" equals 59 in the English ordinal gematria cipher, the simplest gematria cipher out there. This ties back to "Atomic Bomb", which equals 277 in the mystic gematria cipher.

Now, the Trinity Test was exactly 894 months before Eminem's album release, starting the 895th. I want to highlight the fact that it was an exact month here. 894 is "Eye of Horus", in the mystical cipher. And 895 is "Ritual Human Sacrifice". Both numbers have been coded also in the total weight of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is about 894,500 tons - in-between 894 and 895.


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