..finally I started my longtime todo project..and it’s directly rewarded..found this ...

in #appics8 months ago

... completely forgotten treasure..can you see the details?..Moët rose from 1990!!!..30years old!!..wow!..have I been knowing that I have it, it wouldn’t get so old, haha...but at the end it’s still champagne and you never know, it could happen that it’s gone or has a corky taste..we hope the best..and surely it will get a few days older..cleaning up often get rewarded instantly..so you better start too..


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.. thank you!!..

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..ya, aber nicht heute..danke..

I agree. I also experinced old vintage moet(brut). It gave coffee favor & long finished. Enjoy old vin champ~

..thx a lot!..i will,let’s see when the right moment will be..

wao how cool! Cheers 🥂