..yesss, finally I got my 666th follower..the last days nobody wanted to be no.6 ...

in #appics8 months ago

... 66..even when somebody was following me and recognized that he/her is the one with that magic number, it hAppened twice that this lucky number member Stopped following me..now, we’ll see what happens..anyway, welcome no.666!..a real great pleasure to me, hope you enjoy it..


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Thank you!..steem on!..

😮 como lo lograste ?

..ya no hai chance..tiene che aspettare la persona sin paura..now English: you just have to wait, no other way..wait for a person without fear..let’s see if it stay following me, haha..

Me referia a los $$

.. aaah, early bird deal..a friend ordered 3000 a few months ago..normally he bought 6000, but at the end 3000 arrived to me..great as well..

Lol I unfollow u now and follow back so I will be the 666th 😂😂😂

..ya, great idea!..people don’t like this number, but they still would like it when it would be the winning number in the lottery, haha..btw, in the airplane there’s no number 13, because nobody wants to sit in..strange habits...best wishes from here, thx again..

Really no 13 on the airplanes?? Funny cuz whenever plane crashes 90% people die, doesn’t matter u sit on number 13 or 45 😂😂😂

..ya, that’s crazy!..in Italy the 13 is a lucky, but the 17 like today is an unlucky number..soo, what’s to do?..change 13 and 17 while flying over Italy??..

Haha.. amazing.. congratulations..