Splinterlands mobile app planned to be listed in the Samsung dApp Store

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BREAKING NEWS Catch the exclusive scoop on this exiting development during my chat with @aggroed. Stay tuned for our entire interview where we talk about all things @splinterlands and Steem Engine coming to @threespeak later today!

XO, Lea


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There is a huge difference between a partnership and being allowed to build a wallet integration.

I will start celebrating once a Samsung official confirms the partnership through their channels. ;)

Still exciting news!

That's a good distinction. They are working to build a wallet integration with Samsung.

legend !!! great stuff happening for splinterland ...

For sure!! It's super exciting.

Ps... I might be heading to Malaysia blockchain week this year. Are you attending? It would be fun to connect!

:O ooo .. do let me know if you are coming down. i'll be in some of those events for sure !

Great news! Go dapps!!

Woohoo! It's exciting to see all of their hard work paying off!

This is awesome news! Hopefully I can catch your show later today!

This is awesome news!
Hopefully I can catch your
Show later today!

                 - karenmckersie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks karen! ♥️

Love this! Awesome interview! An upvote is on the way!

Thanks Chris!! ♥️

Amazing news!

It's awesome to see all of Splinterlands hard work paying off! Should be a really exciting year.

It would be a blast 😀

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Damn. That's awesome news..

It gonna be the greatest news for Splinterlanders.

Magnanimous news @coruscate and it will therefore impact steem as well.

I sure hope so! I think 2020 should be an exciting year. 💪🏻

That is pretty epic news for sure.

Congrats to splinterlands.. Now they will in the spotlight for sure..

Thank you!! ❤️


keen to see the development of this integrated smartphone crypto wallet technology into dapps etc etc etc

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