The artist is still working on these brilliant murals along the street at the local ...

in #appicslast year (edited)

... high school.


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Wow what a dark blue sky. Nice beach town!!

Great shots!! I loved them both, its going to be a beautiful mural!!

Great shots!! I loved them
Both, its going to be a
Beautiful mural!!

                 - karenmckersie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Happy you like them. I added more on steempeak.

Man, I wish they would come and deface my home with graffiti like that.


Edit: also, that bug is beautiful. Is for sale? If it is, it's worth a lot.

It’s certainly a pleasant addition to the view on my street. The bug is a beautiful one. It fit right in to the theme and colors of the photo too. I haven’t seen it around before. Glad you enjoyed the shots.