Pruning The Coconut Palms At The Beach Today.

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The annual cleaning of the palm trees on the beach has created a great opportunity to take some pictures of the coconut fruit and flowers.

They seem like they could be from the time of the dinosaurs or from another planet. They make interesting subjects for photography that’s for sure. Thanks for checking out my pictures.


It seems to be a great way to spend the day :)

It sure is :) thanks for checking out my photography. I’ve edited in several more pictures.

Very cool photo and perspective,I have never seen Coconuts like this before! plus Wow, what a fantastic view!!

Thank you 🙏It is a beautiful little beach town I’m living in. I hope you and your hubby can make it down here to see for your selves. It’s fairly inexpensive. We live on $1100 a month just fine for 2 people.

Its a beautiful beach town, for sure when I get rich on Appics I would love to take a trip to a Mexico town, and visit you lol!!

Where is this???

Just a three day drive south of you (San Diego), or a quick couple hour flight. It’s called Lo de Marcos. We are on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Just about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. I’ve been here a year now. It’s an amazing little beach town for sure.

Hi @choosefreedom,
These fruits (coconut) are definitely from another planet. At least for me. Very interesting photos. Cool.