Winter on the Pacific Coast Of México. My second December here and I love the culture ...

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... and climate of this place more every day.


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Yeah sun is nice!!!!

I bet you’re missing the sun about now friend. Hope you and the dog are doing well. I lost my sweet old boy on October 3. It’s been really tough.

Lo de Marcos?

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Yes, my friend ~ si mi amigo 😁🇲🇽 Did I get that right in Spanish?

Oh Wow, what a view and Beautiful shot!! Wish I was there, our Friends are going to Mexico in January! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you. It’s so nice here this time of year. There are a lot of people from Canada that come for the winter every year. I can see why. Although your beautiful winter scenes are alluring as well.

Awe, thanks! Some day I will have money to visit Mexico! Go Appics Go!!

Looks like a paradise to me, I could chill out there all day, maybe with some nachos

Absolutely! The little restaurant under the palapa in the picture serves people right on the beach.

You really are living the dream and breaking my heart at the same time

Hi @choosefreedom,
Good weather, in December.

It’s wonderful. I don’t miss the cold, wet weather back in the Pacific Northwest.

I wouldn’t get bored either. The weather is just gorgeous.

making me want to move! haha wow what a view, wouldn't be so bad seeing that every day!

It’s really nice here this time of year. We’ve gone to the beach every day in December and there’s been good surf too. My goal is every day for the rest of the year will include beach time.

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Sorry I typed travel and it auto filled. I’ll change it. ✌️

I don't think they should just be able to claim the tags like that! They don't own the word travel now? People should be able to tag travel and post without getting harassed by them! lol! Just my opinion. Don't be sorry, if anyone should be sorry for spamming your blog it's them!! ! Mexico looks nice!

Hey bra, sorry we lost touch. You on discord?

Yup, i'm coininstant#9760 on Discord. Feel free to message anytime!

You aren't in any of the STEEM discords... Punk.

All you do is run your neck.